a baby Asian elephant

Visit The Houston Zoo, Virtually!

If you enjoy learning about animals from around the world, take a virtual look at the Houston Zoo. You can explore fascinating exhibits and watch the animals in action on the webcams all from your home at our Houston apartments. Highlights include:

Western Lowland Gorillas 

Found in the African Forest exhibit, the western lowland gorillas share their space with Masai giraffes, ostriches, and Grant’s zebras. Native to central and western Africa, these gorillas are critically endangered. Western lowland gorillas live in troops of up to 30 individuals, and the leader organizes activities such as nesting in the leaves. At the zoo, their habitat is both inside and out, so they’re not always seen on camera.


Also part of the African Forest exhibit, the chimpanzees are vocal animals that grunt when they’re happy. They become independent at four years old, and there’s only about 300,000 remaining in the wild. Chimps spend most of their time in the treetops. When on land, they usually walk on all fours, though they can walk like humans for up to a mile. Watch on the zoo’s webcam as they eat, sleep, and play. 

Asian Elephants 

The McNair Elephant Habitat Area is where the Asian elephants search for treats and splash in their pool. Typically found in the scrub forests of Southeast Asia, these majestic animals stand between eight and nine feet tall. They have thick gray skin and relatively short ears, and males are identified by their tusks. On the webcam, the best time to watch the elephants is between 10:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

In addition to the Houston Zoo, Lincoln Medical Center is also near scenic hiking trails and renowned restaurants. To become a resident of our Houston apartments, please contact our leasing staff. They’d love to discuss everything we have to offer.

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