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See Houston Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Are you adventurous?

If so, then chances are you like discovering new ways to experience your surroundings. That holds, whether you’re new to the city or a long-time resident. A walk through Houston’s fabulous parks and recreational facilities is great. As is a ride on a tour bus. But did you ever consider delving into Houston’s depths from underground?

That’s right, the city has an entrenched system of pedestrian tunnels connecting to downtown Houston landmarks. Over an area of seven miles, the underground tunnels lead to various banks, hotels, restaurants, and other establishments. Inside the tunnel itself, there are gift shops, flower shops, and food courts.

Presented by Houston Urban Adventures, the Underground Tunnel Tour is a thrilling way to see Houston from a different point of view.

Taking the Tour

The tour starts on Main Street, where you’ll meet your guide and walk towards the Chase Bank Building, rife with frescoes illustrating Texas history. Your tour guide will discuss them before ushering you into the tunnel system.

That leads you to Chase Tower, Houston’s tallest building. You’ll be guided outside for a photo, then cross the street to Pennzoil Place.

From there you’ll descend once again, via escalator, into the tunnel, where you’ll be treated with bakery shop cookies. During the tour, you’ll experience both old and new tunnels, and you’ll get to drop by what remains of “The Cotton,” a 1913 hotel.

Preparing for the Tour

Your tour guide will be quite knowledgeable about the tunnel, so come ready to ask questions. Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. The tunnel is heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer, so you don’t have to worry about extreme underground temperatures. You’ll be part of a group of up to 12 people for the leisurely paced tour, which lasts about two hours.

People who’ve taken the tour describe it as “a must do,” “informative and friendly,” “a fun time,” and “delightful.”

To reserve a spot on the tour and see Houston in a new light, or for more information, email And to find out more about the adventure of living in Houston, contact us today.

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