Dog groomer is giving a treat to his customer's pet golden doodle at a pet boarding service

Reserve Your Dog a Room at These Pet Boarding Services

The holiday season can be a frantic time, no matter what you celebrate. You are buying presents, figuring out travel plans, and finding a way to look your best. But, what should you do with your pets? You have several pet boarding services just around the corner from Lincoln Medical Center Apartments. You can either safely board your pet or groom them to look their best for the holidays. 

The Best Little Dog House In Texas

The Best Little Dog House in Texas is located around five miles from our manicured apartments in Houston. The Best Little Dog House is a cage-free environment, whether you want grooming or boarding. The staff will always treat your baby like their own. The careful and watchful staff will care for your dogs while you are gone. Your pet can sleep on leather couches, carpets, or dog beds, much like they do at home. The staff also offers “Doggy Daycare” if your travel plans are close or if your fur-baby gets lonely while you are at work all day. 

The animals must look their best for your holiday celebrations, just like you will. The service has several grooming services, along with nail painting, blueberry facials, color-enhancing, and nose cream.  

Bone on the Bayou

The Bone of the Bayou is another one of Houston’s great pet boarding services. Boarded animals get to play all day in daycare where they meet new friends and have fun adventures. At night, they have a fun sleepover in a climate-controlled environment guarded by an ADT video-monitoring system. The cages are more like large homes they share with friends. Also, they are watched constantly by the staff. If you are taking your dog with you on vacation, grooming will help your dog feel their best, as well as look their best.

There are also plenty of dog-friendly parks in the area when you’re staying local. You will have many options for amenities for your animals in the Houston area. Lincoln Medical Center Apartments is ready to help you find your perfect home. Contact us for your free tour and choose your new home.

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