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Spice Things Up and Discover the Delicious Taste of Poke in Houston

Poke (pronounced “poh-kay”) is a Hawaiian dish that has been growing in popularity with mainland Americans these past few years. It’s served with diced raw fish, savory sauces, and plenty of fresh toppings. It’s a comfort food that is both healthy and filling! So, it’s not surprising to see long lines of customers waiting for poke in Houston.

Here in Houston, you can find poke all around our Lincoln Medical Center community. If you have never had this dish before, you’ve got to try it. Be sure to visit one of the following places the next time you are dining out to give poke a try!

Diced Poke

For those who hang out on social media a lot, Diced Poke is the perfect spot to visit for an Instagram-worthy photo of your meal. If the cute modern decor doesn’t make your food look fantastic, there is plenty of natural lighting to give your picture a great filter.

Here at Diced Poke, you can customize your own poke bowl. So add as much or as little toppings as you want! However, if you are not feeling too adventurous, simply choose from one of the store’s delicious signature bowls.


Started in 2015 in California, Pokeworks has since expanded all over the country and is currently one of the biggest poke franchises around. With a few different locations near Lincoln Medical Center Apartments, it’s quite easy to find a Pokeworks store no matter where you happen to be in the area.

Pokeworks actually propelled themselves into stardom after people fell in love with their poke burrito, an innovative way of wrapping ingredients in seaweed and rolling them up into an edible cylinder. Thus, when you are at Pokeworks, it is a good idea to try their famous burrito. However, other interesting options also include poke salad and poke kale noodles. So feel free to “poke your way” and pick whatever fits your palate.

Ono Poke

One of the first poke restaurants to open in Houston, Ono Poke has since acquired a large fan base that keeps coming back for the place’s unique food options and comfortable, minimalist decor.

Like many other restaurants, Ono Poke offers customers the chance to build their own bowls filled with custom ingredients. However, here you can find toppings that will be hard to locate anywhere else. For example, you can add crushed Hot Cheetos and kimchi (Korean fermented cabbage). It’s a very fascinating way to enjoy poke and definitely gives your bowl a bit of a kick.

For dessert, be sure to pick up an açaí bowl or a Japanese mochi rice cake. Both are healthy options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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