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Enjoy a Challenge at a Nearby Escape Room

Escape rooms are a unique concept as they bring virtual code cracking and adventure to the real world. They challenge everyone’s problem-solving skills while providing friends with a fun way to spend an evening. If you want to enjoy a fast-paced 60 minutes cracking codes, check out a nearby escape room with some friends! Houston […]

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How to Pet-Proof Your Pet-Friendly Apartment

You’ve got your first apartment, and now you’re taking the big step of welcoming a furry addition to your family. Some people have compared getting a new pet to having a baby, and they’re not entirely wrong with that assessment. Though the workload is (usually) not as heavy, there are some distinct similarities. For example, […]

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Savor Authentic Dishes at the Best Sushi Restaurants in Houston

Houston’s sushi scene is stronger than ever. Get ready for rolls like pepper tuna, spicy salmon, or California. These favorites and more are at the best sushi restaurants in Houston. Nippon Firstly, established in 1986, Nippon is the oldest Japanese restaurant in the city. Nippon is the traditional Japanese word for Japan. Owner Naomitsu Yoshida […]

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Get Fit and Feel Fabulous: Yoga Studios in Houston Offer a Great Workout

Did you know that nearly 21 million Americans practice yoga regularly? This meditation mind-body movement practice first made its way to the United States in the mid-1800s. Though, it didn’t gain popularity until a century later. If you would like to give yoga a try, the best yoga studios in Houston include: Yoga Works At Yoga Works, the […]

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