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Enjoy a Challenge at a Nearby Escape Room

Escape rooms are a unique concept as they bring virtual code cracking and adventure to the real world. They challenge everyone’s problem-solving skills while providing friends with a fun way to spend an evening. If you want to enjoy a fast-paced 60 minutes cracking codes, check out a nearby escape room with some friends!

Houston Escape Room

When Ed was bedridden with the flu in 2014, he remembered a newspaper article a friend gave him about escape rooms. After recovering, he gathered a few friends and beta tested his first escape room game in his home office. That’s how Houston Escape Room was born. And when it opened a few months later, it became the first destination of its type in Houston. 

There are currently five rooms to choose from, including “Mo’s Safehouse.” It’s for four to ten players. Teams must work together to uncover a special artifact hidden in Agent Mo’s safehouse. Can you find the object before being rendered unconscious by the agent’s security system?

Cipher Escape Rooms 

Called Houston’s finest escape room, Cipher is the city’s newest, fully-immersive escape room adventure. It’s in the heart of the Montrose neighborhood and welcomes everyone from first-time participants to gaming enthusiasts. 

There are three rooms to choose from, and they vary in difficulty. One of the choices is “The Heist.” It’s where an antiquities thief must break into a business and get in and out without getting caught. But co-conspirators and security systems provide challenges that make it tough to succeed. This room has a 24 percent success rate and an average escape time of 52 minutes 18 seconds.

In conclusion, an exciting nearby escape room is just around the corner from our apartments in Houston. We’re also near top shopping destinations and world-renowned museums. To call our community home, contact us to arrange a showing where you can see everything we have to offer. 

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