Jamaican flavor at Reggae Hut Cafe

Spice up Your Next Museum Visit with Jamaican Flavor at Reggae Hut Cafe

One of the main benefits of living at Lincoln Medical Center is how close you are to the Museum District. But what do you eat after you’ve worked up an appetite walking, observing, and just generally looking sophisticated?

If you’re a fan of sweet and spicy foods, you should indulge in Jamaican flavor at Reggae Hut Cafe,  just down the road. Operated by restaurateur Marcus Davis (who also runs The Breakfast Klub in Midtown), the Reggae Hut provides an authentic Caribbean experience right here in Houston.

Genuine Jamaican Flavor at Reggae Hut Cafe

First of all, you have to try the jerk chicken, but only if you like spicy. If you’re on board with “open up your sinuses” heat, then you should be able to handle this specialty. You’ll be happy you did because it’s cooked nearly to perfection.

If you don’t do spicy (or you just want to mix it up), the beef patties are also excellent. Don’t expect a bun-less hamburger though. A Jamaican beef patty is really more like a meat-filled empanada.

For drinks, try a bottled Caribbean beverage. Or, if you have a sweet tooth, the homemade ginger beer will hit the spot.

Cozy Environment

Inside, the cafe has a small dining area with bold colors and Calypso music playing in the background. The staff is all friendly and attentive. It stays pretty calm most of the time, but expect a little more noise and activity during peak hours.

There are also a few patio tables out front for al fresco dining (if it’s actually cool enough to eat outside). If you can get them, these tables make for great people watching.

Ample Parking

The Reggae Hut Cafe is only about a mile from most of the museums, so it’s not a bad walk unless the Houston humidity is particularly nasty. Maybe that just adds to the tropical feel. For those who prefer to stay enveloped in the comfort of AC for as long as possible, there is parking in front and behind the restaurant. Be sure to pay attention to the posted hours out front because parking is not always available.

There is plenty to explore near and around Lincoln Medical Center. Contact us to discuss availability or to schedule a tour.

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