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Houston Institutions Offering Virtual Museum Exhibits

What if I told you that there is a way to visit your favorite Houston museums without leaving your apartment? Well, thanks to these local museums, you can experience the joy of visiting a museum from the comfort of your apartment in Houston at Lincoln Medical Center. Continue reading to discover three famous museums in Houston that offer virtual museum exhibits.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston is now teaming up with Google Arts and Culture to give you virtual art exhibits. Scroll through endless hours of paintings, sculptures, and other art media online and learn in-depth information about each as you go. These virtual art exhibits also include virtual walkthroughs of the exhibits within the physical museum. The experience immerses you in the art to make you feel like you are really there!

Houston Museum of Natural Science

As part of the Google Cultural Institute Collection, the Houston Museum of Natural Science offers interactive virtual exhibits for everyone to access. From dinosaurs to mummies, these virtual exhibits include photographs and detailed descriptions as well as audio features that make you feel immersed in the experience.

Space Center Houston

Houston, we are online! Houston, Texas is famous for its Space Center. While the famous Space Center is temporarily closed, the website is an excellent place to access exhibits and specific information on space crafts. The Space Center also offers a mobile app where you can go on an interactive tour through the museum and includes augmented and virtual reality sections. In addition to the virtually accessible exhibits, the Space Center also has at-home resources for projects.

Houston, Texas, is home to many cultural institutions and exhibits with virtual museum exhibits as well as the Houston Zoo. It is a thriving city with a welcoming attitude. Contact us and we would love to discuss what our wonderful community has to offer.

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