three donuts on a table

Grab Your Next Treat at Le Donut

Everyone needs a favorite coffee shop where they can stop in for a delicious breakfast or even a cup of pick-me-up coffee after a long day. Le Donut can be that shop for you. This welcoming little coffee shop serves delicious food in a comfortable location.

The donuts at Le Donut are made fresh daily. You’ll find everything from apple fritters to chocolate cake donuts, which are so tender you barely have to bite into them. The shop also offers donut holes, which are a nice choice if you’re picking up donuts for the office or some friends. If you’re in the mood for something savory, try the sausage and cheese kolache. It’s a cheesy sausage wrapped in tender pastry. You can see all of the donuts and other confections in their glass display case, making it easy to choose what you like.

The coffee at Le Donut is strong, but they offer plenty of cream and sugar options if you prefer to tone yours down a bit. There’s a coffee stand where you can serve yourself, making it easy to customize your beverage.

Le Donut has big, glass windows, so plenty of light streams in and illuminates the space. Sit in the corner and read the morning paper as you dine, or take advantage of the free WiFi and catch up on your email. The shop is open 7 days a week and is located at 2803 Old Spanish Trail.

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