couple looking at virtual exhibits from the Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park at home

Get Involved With the Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park

Learn more about the history of our community through the Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park. It’s a nonprofit whose mission is to bring the history of Houston and Texas to light for today’s residents through exhibits, stories, and collections. It has even saved over nine historical buildings. Here are ways you can take advantage of the Heritage Society’s work and give back.

Virtual Tours

2020 marks the 100-year anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. In celebration, the Heritage Society has put together an exhibit of the struggle that women went through to get the right to vote. You can purchase tickets to the exhibition and discover the amazing women from your community who fought for suffrage and then leveraged their new right to make meaningful change. You can also watch the making of the Mexican-American History Mural

Read Stories

The Heritage Society has preserved a series of stories about the community for your perusal. Read about the making and history of a statue of a dog named Azalea. Also, learn about the Democratic National Convention of 1928, which took place in Houston. Everything you need to know about major events in your city’s history is documented in these stories. 


The Heritage Society depends on donations to continue its work in preserving Houston history. You can donate one-time or set up a recurring donation to give back. If there is a specific project that the Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park is working on that you find fascinating, you can sponsor that particular project as well. Current projects include the Mexican History Mural Project and the Houston History Gallery.

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