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Check Out The Houston Museum of Natural Science

Just nine minutes from Lincoln Medical Center is the most popular museum in Texas.

We’re talking about the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and it’s one of the most heavily attended museums in the United States.

It dates back to 1909, and its mission is to enhance visitors’ knowledge of and delight in natural science.

Plan to spend several hours as there is much to see and do including:

Mapping Texas: From Frontier to the Lone Star State (open through October 8)

This exhibition traces more than four hundred years of the state’s history and features maps that date between 1513 and 1920. Visitors can see the formation of Texas beginning with an unnamed frontier in the New World to the bustling state it is today.

Faces from the Southern Ocean

Through photographs by J.J. L’Heureux, this exhibit brings to life the inhabitants of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. The photographer has made more than a dozen expeditions to this region, and the images include penguins, seals, and reindeer, as well as stunning landscapes.

Cockrell Butterfly Center 

The Cockrell Butterfly Center is home to hundreds of species of exotic butterflies. The center is a three-story glass structure that features a simulated tropical rainforest and a fifty-foot waterfall, and it’s one of the museum’s most popular attractions.

Burke Baker Planetarium 

Millions of visitors have stepped inside the planetarium since it opened in 1964. It’s where people of all ages can fly through the universe, roam planetary surfaces, navigate asteroid fields, and so much more.

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