A Sports Bar to Cheer For at Biggio’s

A sports bar in Houston named for a hometown sports legend has something to live up to.

Biggio’s, named for Houston Astro Hall of Famer Craig Biggio, manages to do just that.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Situated in the Marriott Marquis Houston, Biggio’s offers tasty, memorable food served in a classy Marriott setting. Picture larger-than-life HD screens (several are 30-feet high) surrounded by tall windows, brick walls, and endless seating. The bar has a cool bi-level structure. It’s a quality environment, but comfortable and laid back as you expect a sports bar to be. Lincoln Medical Center residents will love it being close to this sports bar in Houston.

Texas Favorites

Biggio’s prides itself on highlighting Houston’s spirit, serving dishes reflective of its Texas heritage. So, items like Texas Wild Boar Bolognaise, Texas flatbread (brisket, bacon and fried onions, oh my!), onion straws, black bean burgers, and bison chili are menu regulars. And they’re all inspired by Lone Star State preferences. Biggio’s uses local ingredients to create their unique dishes. Wash down these delectables with draft beer or cocktails. The draft beer selections periodically change and liquor used in the cocktails comes from area distilleries.

VIP Treatment

Finally, one fun aspect of a sports bar is the chance to enjoy your favorite sports and games with friends and family in a congenial atmosphere. Biggio’s has VIP Booths that sit from 10 to 12 people. Snacks for a booth party include buffalo wings, flatbread specialties, Angus sliders, chips and salsa (what can be more Texan?), and beer buckets or wine by the bottle. You’ll also get 12 complimentary water bottles to hydrate after shouting for a favorite team!

What an entertaining way for members of the Lincoln Medical Center community to spend time together! If you’re looking for a relaxing place to eat and visit with friends, Biggio’s is the place to go. This delightful sports bar is only 15 minutes from Lincoln Medical Center.

We would love for you to contact us about other great sports bars in Houston, as well as to learn more about our great community!

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