interactive Alice in Wonderland sculpture

Plan a Picnic at the Interactive Alice in Wonderland Sculpture

Just this past April on its one year anniversary, Evelyn’s Park introduced 8-foot bronze sculptures of characters from Alice in Wonderland. The scene is inspired by the tea party depicted in Lewis Carroll’s book. Alice, the March Hare, the Cheshire Cat, the Dormouse, and the Mad Hatter sit at a 10-foot table, inviting 6-8 guests to sit with them. Host a picnic or your own tea party next to your favorite whimsical characters at this interactive Alice in Wonderland Sculpture.

Behind the Art

Houston’s own Bridgette Mongeon, made the interactive piece, Move One Place On, to honor the 150th anniversary of the book. She included 150 small items from the book, hidden throughout the larger scene. You’re encouraged to look for the hidden gems while you enjoy your picnic. Visit for hints!

The March Hare’s chair subtly features a lion, a unicorn, and some flamingos. There’s also a built-in chess table, so bring your own pieces and play a game while you sip on your tea.

“Move One Place On”

The title of the piece is in honor of the Mad Hatter telling everyone to move down a space so he can have a clean cup. It’s the perfect place to exclaim the famous line and have everyone move one place on! That way you can sit next to each of the characters. Alice has room right on her own chair for someone else.

About Evelyn’s Park

Jerry and Maury Rubenstein commissioned the interactive Alice in Wonderland sculpture. Evelyn’s Park used to be Teas Nursery, but the brothers wanted to honor their mother, Evelyn. The sculpture represents everything their mother stood for as it encourages people who love each other to come together. Mongeon hopes the statues inspire people to read the classic book.

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