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Al Vetro: Coffee and Espresso Bar Brews New Craft Coffee in Houston

Looking for a new cup o’ joe? Al Vetro: Coffee and Espresso Bar is where it’s at. And this new java joint just opened its doors to serve up delicious craft coffee in Houston.

Luckily, European-style craft coffee and espresso is only a few minutes away from our beautiful community at Lincoln Medical Center.

Al Vetro: Coffee and Espresso Bar

Get one-of-a-kind coffee creations at Al Vetro: Coffee and Espresso Bar. Start your coffee experience by choosing your beans, or custom mix to your own to your personal taste. Don’t let the no-nonsense, casual atmosphere of Al Vetro deter you. The coffee is truly divine.

And what’s in the cup isn’t the only thing that’s special about it. The cup itself is a purposeful addition to their coffee experience:

“Al vetro” means “in glass” in Italian, and we believe that drinking coffee in a glass is the best way to consume it.

The baristas at Al Vetro grind coffee beans to order, so expect to wait a minute or two longer than chain coffee stores. Customers praise their amazing coffee drinks and friendly, helpful staff. Servers at Al Vetro treat every customer like royalty. Also, the wifi password is perpetually on the menu so you can check your email like a boss while enjoying your coffee.

Coconut Milk Latte

Start your day off with a luscious and smooth coconut milk latte. The espresso flavor is intense with just the precise amount of sweetness. The combination of coconut milk adds a creamy richness.

The Blended Frappes

Al Vetro’s blended frappes could conceivably be the most superb coffee drink that you will ever find in Houston. Bold statement, but it’s true. The ice cream used in the drink is made in-house and has hints of bold, Mexican vanilla. And it’s topped with your choice of chocolate syrup made from scratch. It is sublime for the balmy, humid Houston weather.

Enjoy your new craft coffee in Houston

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